Architect Advice

Are you looking for an Architect?  Home refurbishment, renovation or a full new build or self build? We have hundreds of professional, accredited Architects on our roster we can send to you.

Architects Near Me simply connects you to a few local architects who can then discuss your requirements and start to provide advice and pricing. From New York (USA) Architects to London (England) architects and anything in between – Liverpool, Boston, Vancouver or Madrid Architects. We can connect you to Architects in most locations and countries. Just fill in the contact form on our “Contact Us” page and you’re all set!

Do I Need an Architect

Smaller home works, such as the removal or adjustment of internal walls and basic refurbishment and remodelling work can be done using a professional, experienced builder. However anything that significantly alters the appearance of your home, or involves making changes to structural features of your home (such as supporting walls), should utilise a skilled and qualified Architect, to ensure safety and that regulations are met.

Alterations to the exterior of your home may require planning permissions, planning consent, permits or approvals from other bodies, if for example the building is part of a conservation / protected area or zone. The number of local laws and regulations can be daunting – an architect helps with the whole process.

Why use an Architect?

For most structural building projects use of a professional architect is advised. Although small home extensions or works to your apartment / flat can be carried out by a qualified, professional builder, they may not always consider the aesthetic of your home as an architect would. Furthermore, Architects can offer practical design advice or alternative solutions to what you aim to achieve.

Builders following architect drawings are much more likely to complete a job with no issues and finish the job quicker, to a higher standard. Most of all you will have peace of mind that the finished product should match your expectations. Along the way, the architect you employ will manage and supervise the process, also allowing you to keep the project in the hands of the professionals – very important when you are making changes to your most important investment (your home!).

What Should I look for in Architect?

Firstly – make sure they are registered with the main Architectural association / regulator of your country. In the UK, this would be the Royal Institute of British Architects, or RIBA. In the U.S. this could be NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Board).

Second – look for reviews, testimonials and experience of their work. Don’t trust website testimonials, but do look at projects on their website and ask to visit at least one property and to speak to someone who has used their services.

Thirdly – Google their name and look onto Pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 of google to see if there are reviews / recommendations or criticisms. Google search using the firm name (e.g. “ABC Architects”) and “reviews”, “complaints”, “legal”, “problems”, “complaints” to find anything public on them.

Fourth – they should treat you with courtesy and respect, be interested in your project and have patience in their communication with you. Anyone who doesn’t provide phone numbers, emails and an office address cannot be trusted. It’s better to speak to a few Architects to ‘get a feel’ for them.

Fifth – don’t shop on price alone! Price should be a consideration but never go with a really cheap Architect, as they will cut corners. It’s ok to seek out value, but if you’re going with a cheap quote, be sure to check references and past work even more carefully.

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